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Darius' Wheelchair Ramp

LifeShare Assistive Technology's (LAT's) client in the Simpson County School System, Darius, was doing well enough in school after being outfitted by LAT with adaptive equipment that LAT wanted to provide the same setup for him at home. LAT went to Dariusí home with a computer, a touch sensitive interface and the adaptive software that enables him to communicate and gain literacy skills. While at his home, we were joined by both his Occupational Therapist and his Physical Therapists from his school. Darius is very smart and was doing well, but we noticed he wasnít in the custom fitted power wheelchair that he uses at school. As a result, he wasnít positioned properly enough to be able to use the equipment consistently. The therapists said that since he didnít have a wheelchair ramp at his home that he had to be carried in and up the steps and put into an older, much less appropriate chair for his needs. The therapists and Dariusí mom said that they had been waiting for a state agency to provide the ramp for over a year. At LAT we like to think of ourselves as problem solvers, therefore we came up with this solution: We provided the materials and along with Habitat for Humanity, Living Independence for Everyone and University of Mississippi Medical Center, we built a wheel chair ramp for Darius. The Occupational Therapy students from UMC, under the guidance and direction of Habitat for Humanity, built the ramp in one long day. Darius can now be about the business of learning at home just like at school.